Social Computing

Social Computing

Social Networking

The rise of social networking applications and integration of social networking applications into enterprise systems shows a new trend. It is a another big shift in business world like use of Internet for business. It has a potential to shift in the way we do business. Social Networking software when used as collaboration tools,it can improve organizational productivity.

Many and many organizations are now deploying social software to improve the colobaration of the organizational staff. Major benefits in adopting social software are:

> deeper relationships with customers, employees, suppliers and partners etc.
> Improved organizational efficiency and productivity
> supports innovation

Social Business

Social business empowers social networks to create business value. It connects people to business by encouraging people to form networks to foster creativity and innovation, and execute business ideas.

Social business remove traditional boundaries that existed among employees, customers, suppliers and external expersts to solve business by more and more engagement and collobaration.

Use of mobile computing devices, and cloud computing services with social networking software help social enterprises to speed up business decision making process.