7 Point Check List for
an Effective Web Site

It is no doubt your business web site is the most important digital real estate you have. So getting most out of it is not so hard if you follow simple and effective strategies available. Change is common for business and technologies which drive the business activities. When things do change it is important to take necessary steps keep your website up to date and effective.

Following 7 point check list will help you to decide about the effectiveness of your website.

1– Does it serve the purpose? (Yes / No)

Your business web site may have done with a purpose or with a set of objects to achieve. Over the time things may have changed and you may have a new set of objects to achieve. So it is good to check whether the web site is serving it is purpose.

2- Does it engage with visitors/ Customers ? (Yes / No)

Visitors come to your site to get information about your products or services or both. And visitors may also interested in knowing about your company and the people who run it.Therefore impoertant present the content of your site to satisfy the informational needs of the visitors while engaging with them.

3- Is it visually appealing and meaningful? (Yes / No)

Look and feel of your web site is very important. Use of meaningful and relevant graphics increase the visual appeal of the site.

4- Is it up to date? (Yes / No)

The information appear on your site may be outdated and irrelevant over the time. It is necessary to change data, information and images to represent the present status of your business.

5- Is it easy to maintain and keep up to date

Information and graphics in the site need to changed from time to time to reflect the current situation of your business. If you need to call IT Staff even to make regular and timely updates to site it may not be a good practice. Maintainablity of the site is an aspect which needs to address at the time of the site design stage.

6- Does it provide data about visitor / customer behaviour which can be turned into information and insight? (Yes / No)

Integrating your web site with Analytics tools make it possible to gain a good understanding of visitor behaviour. When improve your sight's content according to insights gathered from Analytics tools, you are on a track to get more and more visitors/customers and more revenue.

7- Is it out of Trend? (Yes/ No)

New Web Design trends emerge from time to time to enhance the user experience.These trends incorporate latest developments in computer hardware and software technologies.For example, Responsive web design is such a trend that seems to stay for a while. It is good to pay attention to trends as they may depicts your site as very old.

If most of your answers for these questions are 'Yes' then your web site may be effective and doing the most for you. However, if you get 'No' for most of the questions then it is the right time to redesign the web site to get the most from it.