Website Design and Development

Our Web Development Approach

At Nexso, we follow a consultative approach for our Web Design and Development projects.

Key elements of our approach are:

           We study client’s requirements, expectations and target visitors to site.
           Based on customer requirements and our analysis we establish scope, budget and time frame for successful work completion.

           Our design process starts with a visual and then progress to development stage.

           We use latest technology for site development.

           Web sites we develop under go textensive tests to eliminate errors and to ensure the robustness of the sites.
           We also help our customers by providing necessary support for web sites to go live.

Look and Feel

We understand that visual appearance of a web site is very important to attract visitors. Making web sites information rich while maintaining consistency will give visitors what they look for.

We believe web sites should be easy to navigate and user friendly. Functionality of a web site is also an important area we take into consideration at the design stage.

SEO Friendly Design

Making web sites SEO friendly helps to get better rankings among search engines and facilitates the SEO process as well. We make web sites SEO friendly by design and development.

Technology and Trends

We use PHP, ASP.NET with latest design and development trends for our web development projects.

If you would like to know how Nexso can help you with your next Software development or IT Consultancy project, why not give us a call on +(61) 0481 537837 or email us at and we will be in touch as soon as possible.